Fun For The Kids and a GREAT Snack!

Banana Pops

Concord Foods Banana Pops are so much fun to make, very tasty, and healthy. Making Banana Pops is a fun summer activity for kids and adults of all ages!

What You Need:

1. Bananas

1. Freeze Bananas
2. Follow Directions on the back of the Package:
Heat chocolate packet up in hot water
While the chocolate is heating, put Popsicle sticks (included in your kit) in the bananas
Pour chocolate in a bowl or cup
Dip and Enjoy!

My kids had a blast making their banana pops. This kit is great because the chocolate hardens fast. Both my kids got to make 4 each and eat one of them right away. They loved them so much they kept begging me for more. I definitely recommend this for a fun summer activity and a healthy snack!



  1. Oh wow -- great job! I see them in the store all the time and have never bought the kit -- nice to know it works so good!

  2. I've always wondered if those chocolate kits were any good. Thanks for the recommendation

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