An Afternoon At The Petting Zoo

This afternoon I decided to take our kids to the petting zoo. I really needed them to take a good nap so I could clean our floors without itty bitty foot prints. We had a blast and YAY... my plan worked!
The donkey smiling at me... haha, my favorite photo of the day!
A baby lama, isn't he/she cute! 
Carson Feeding the pony.
Emma feeding the Zebra/Donkey
Carson freaked out when a tiny goat scared him.
And of course funny photo

I hope you have a very HAPPY Weekend!!!!


  1. Cute! Kids and animals are the best

  2. You have such cute kids! Thanks for stopping by Pink Dandy Chatter. I am following you!

  3. Great pictures. New follower from Say Hi Sunday. I hope you will follow back http://talesfrommyjournal.blogspot.com

  4. Lol- that first one is great! We haven't been to a petting zoo yet, but I bet my kids would love it!

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