Smile on My Face!

I have started my second week of boot camp and got up at 4:50 this morning to get there. It’s getting easier every time I go. Today we did a lot of different exercises using weights and doing squats. I have a feeling my rear and legs are going to be wobbly all day long. I pushed myself as hard as I could and am very proud of myself. By the time I got home I was ready to climb back into bed. Instead I decided to do a blog hop and write a post. Then I hear footsteps and a faint little voice saying, Mommy, your beautiful!”  It was my precious daughter Emma, she had just woken up and crawled out of bed. Hearing that put a smile on my face and I gave her the biggest hug. I love it when Emma says things like that, it's just so sweet! The only time I don’t like it is when Emma says sweet things as she’s getting in trouble. She’s a smart little goober. I love my little Emmy Em!
When I get a little down or frustrated with something all I have to do is go to my kids and be around them. No matter what we are doing they always seem to do or say something to make me smile and cherish the good things in life!
What has put a smile on your face today?

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  1. Ok, your kids put a smile on my face right now! They are soooo adorable.

    In my own life. oooooh, just little things. :) Ridiculous things, smiling is not my problem.

    I found you via that blog hop you entered and am your newest follower. Congrats on your bootcamp workout! It is quite an accomplishment.

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  2. Today? The fact that I woke up in my own bed and not Aubrie's YAY!

  3. That is so sweet! I agree that kids are always good relief to whatever bad things are going on in our lives. Just the innocence of them. I love bedtime stories after baths. It is time all together as a family everyday where we just enjoy each others company and good books. Great way to end everyday.

  4. hey hope, love the blog! mine is www.mattandashleysheehan.blogspot.com

  5. My smile came when I saw my husbands hair standing straight oout like a crazy person and full of building insolation. I couldn't help but laugh when he asked me if head and shoulders would do the trick ....ha ha...I have an award for you to pick up :) http://sivmaria.blogspot.com/2011/03/my-first-award.html

  6. That story put a smile on my face! I love kids when they're just themselves and not trying to "test their boundaries". Sweet, sweet. Have a great Wednesday tomorrow and congrats on getting up so early and getting it done!! I think I hit the snooze 10 times.

  7. Kids are the best. They just tell it like it is!! :)
    Following you back :) Looking forward to reading more!!

  8. of course!
    love the bebes!
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  9. Following back from the hop. Thanks for visiting. Your kids are beautiful! My 3.5 yo singing happy birthday to me put a HUGE smile on my face yesterday : )

  10. I've awarded you ANOTHER blog award. You can find it here:


  11. Hey Hope!! I'm so glad I found your blog! I can't BELIEVE how big the kiddos are getting! Carson is a little boy now... crazy! They're beautiful! Hope things are going well. BTW, any tips for getting more page views? You have a lot of followers! Great job!!!

    I would def go for either the pirate or the rocket =) Spikey the dino is cute, too, but little man has too much dino crap lol.