For those of you that don't know last October we had a HAIR CATASTROPHE in my house! My darling daughter Emma was playing beauty shop and dress up. She was so excited, I had set her up with a brush and pretend make up in her bathroom. Little did I know, she had snuck to my bathroom to play with my brushes and apparently scissors. The next thing I know Emma goes, "Mommy Look!" I turn and my first reaction is, "Oh Emma you learned how to put a clip in your hair GREAT JOB sweetie!" The closer I got I noticed her hair looked funny. Then I frantically started feeling her hair and started to get loud, "WHERE'S THE CLIP, WHERE'S THE CLIP?!" There was no clip and her long beautiful hair was gone. I screamed and started freaking out so bad that my husband thought someone was badly hurt. We immediately took her to the nearest children's hair salon and had it evened out as much as possible. The scissors are now in a cupboard as high as I could get them. Even I have to get a step stool to get them down. Thank goodness she only took off her hair and I've grown fond of her short hairdo... it took me a while, but I got there!

Emma in September
Just minutes before the catastrophe posing for the camera
Just minutes before the catastrophe posing for the camera.
I guess she wanted to rock the 80s
Yep, they had to shave the back, I couldn't watch.
End Result

Yesterday Emma asked me to put her hair in piggy tails, and guess what... I GOT ALL HER HAIR IN PIGGY TAILS!  I was so excited and she loved it. She was showing it off at school and couldn't wait to show Daddy when he got home from work. YAY, her hair is starting to grow back, but either way, I love my Emmy Em!
Yay Piggy Tails!
Emma with her piggy tails drinking her "coffee milk." Gotta love the milk mustache!

**Coffee Milk: Mostly milk mixed with coffee creamer**
When my kids see me drink coffee they always want some. Finally, I came up with what we call in this household, coffee milk. They love it and they think they are getting the same thing. No more whining or crying for mommy's coffee!!


  1. Coffee milk sounds good to me! My mom used to let me have like the teensiest bit of coffee with mostly milk in it :)

    Also, I would have screamed, too. Wow. I'm so afraid my daughter (just turned 2) will grab the scissors and chop away someday.

  2. She's precious! The haircut looks great! :)

  3. She's cute either way. One thing that I've learned about hair over the years is that it does grow back. :)

  4. Mmm...I agree,the coffee milk sounds good!!
    Wow, I can't believe the fiasco you had! But her hair looks cute short!! And it looks cute in the pig tails as well!!

  5. How sweet -- but I think every Mother's nightmare -- to have her daughter chop her hair off like that. I did it when I was little but in the front and only on one side... LOL!
    She is absolutely ADORABLE with the shorter hair!

    The Purple Goddess

  6. Thank you very much!

    I'm like her hair ether way now too. I was distraught for a while, but am totally over it! Oh the things kids do to keep you on your toes!

  7. I think the short hairdo is so cute, but I want my little one to have long hair so I can play with it, braid it and pull it up. I hope Lilly never gets in the scissors, but I am sure it is bound to happen at some point.

  8. I think this situation is scary for every mom. My daughter is almost 2, so this is something that I have thought about. (All scissors on the high shelf for us!) Emily's haircut is adorable!! But I'm happy you can put in piggy tails now! :)

  9. What an adorable little girl and she looks just as cute with short hair :)

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  11. Oh she's a cutie pie for certain. Love the new do. Hugs!

  12. Your hairdresser did a great job. It looks so cute short...but I would have been in shock at first!

  13. LOL, well at least it was the back of her hair and not her bangs!! The fix-it hair cut looks great though.

    Following you back from both my blogs
    Leetah East

  14. Oh my the rattail! The salon did a beautiful recovery job though. She's adorable with any length!

    Thanks for linking up to the Tailspin Hop - following you :)

    ~Darcy @ Tales From the Nursery~

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  16. I hate to say it but I love this post, I have a daughter and I know I will be going through it one day and will freak out when it happens to me! It seems like everyone I know that has a girl goes through this at some point! However, her new haircut was adorable! We do the samething with milk at our house-hehe!

  17. what a cutie! Even with the unplanned hair cut :)

  18. Awww she looks cute with
    the short hair too!:0)
    Btw I'm following you
    from F.M.B.T! I hope
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  19. That is just too cute either way! I think I might have to use the coffee milk idea. My daughter is always asking to have a drink of my coffee :)

    Also thank you for following Random Deals and for joining Whimsical Wednesday. I am now following you back. Thanks again :)

  20. Another BIG thanks for putting the button in your sidebar too, I just noticed :)

  21. I'm sorry...but I'm just going to have to LOL because I think that's hilarious that she did that to her hair! I mean, I know as a mama it was quite a bit horrifying...but oh my GOSH did she cut off a lot of hair!!! I've had a few of mine get scissors and snip a bit off here and there, but wow...she really, really chopped it off!

    Now, that being said...her short hair cut? How cute was that! She really rocked that short cut. Definitely.

    Glad you are getting her hair back into "piggy" tails again. (we call them "pig tails" around here...and "pony tail" is what we call just one.)