Leprechaun Trap: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Out Leprechaun Trap
About to go to bed after putting the trap together.

How to Make a Leprechaun Trap:
1. Grab a shoebox or any small box and decorate it for your Leprechaun
2. Make it into a trap and lure your leprechaun in with food that you've told your kids Leprechauns Like (we used Lucky Charms)

Morning of St. Patrick's Day, the trap has fallen.
Emma had made the Leprechaun a picture so he left her a note thanking her for the pretty picture, SHE WAS THRILLED!

3. When the Leprechaun comes, he has triggered the trap and the box has fallen (Emma was a little scared to sit by the box but she was oober excited to see what we caught)

4. Our Leprechaun was too fast for our trap, but he left behind a rainbow of jelly beans, his little leprechaun hat, and some coins from his pot of gold. (You can improvise if you don't have jelly beans... you can color a rainbow and leave change that you have lying around the house that the kids can put in their piggy bank from the Leprechaun's pot of gold)

5. Finally, the Leprechaun that comes to your house plays tricks on the house (if you want). In our house he turned all the chairs in the kitchen upside down, turned the toilet water green, and any cups of water that was in the fridge green. The kids really liked that a lot too, he is a SILLY Leprechaun!!

You can do this at any time today or even tonight. My kids had a blast with it. They can't wait to do it again next year!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
 I hope you enjoy making your Leprechaun Trap, good luck catching your Leprechaun!

**Thank you Ashley, this was so much fun!!**


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  2. What a great idea!!!! Love it... My kids are too old for the trap.. but the green toilets - sounds like too much fun!
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  3. wow this is an amazing idea!! I will definitely be doing this next year :)


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  5. so cute & love the lucky charms bait, lol!

    We didn't get around to making our trap this year but we are absolutely doing it next year! looks like so much fun


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