DAY 2... I'm Still ALIVE!!

I started boot camp yesterday with a friend and I thought it was going to be torturous! Thank goodness I have someone to do this with because it would be very hard for me to have gotten out of bed this morning. The first day wasn't too bad, yes it was painful, but I left feeling guilty, like I didn't push myself hard enough. By the time I got home, I could barely lift my arms. Boy was I wrong about not pushing myself hard enough. Last night my husband was laughing at me, "aren't you glad you didn't push yourself harder on your first day?"

Today I went to boot camp telling myself I wasn't going to give in to my body wanting to stop. Since yesterday wasn't so bad, I thought today would be much easier, BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!!!!!! I truly believe the trainer today was out to kill me. I thought after the first 15 minutes I was going to throw up. I had to scope out the bathrooms immediately. It was nonstop moving, squats, jumps (some with weights), running, sit-ups, the list could go on. The stretching at the end of our workout couldn't have come any sooner!!!
Success #1: I did not throw up today
Success #2: I made it through the workout (YAY)

Even though today was harder than yesterday, I know eventually it'll get easier. I do like getting sore after a work out because it makes me feel like I did my job. Already, my walk has turned into a waddle. Thank you boot camp for giving me a swift kick in the rear today. I'm definitely ready for more tomorrow!!! 


  1. Congrats on completeing Day 2! I'm sure it will get easier as you go. Bravo for braving through!

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    You are so brave doing a boot camp. I work out regularly and do Pilates and Ashtanga yoga, but the idea of boot camp really scares me!

  3. Today was torture!! Andre told me to go get a massage- but I think I will cry if anyone tries to touch me right now. The scale better move down like 10 lbs this week!!!

  4. haha... I'm rooting for you Casey, maybe it will move more!!!! I wouldn't try a massage today... go get a foam roller, those really help!!!

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  6. Good for you! I did boot camp a few years ago, and boy it hurt so good! Following you back dear.

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  8. Good for you! Bootcamp is definitely challenging to say the least, any day where you don't throw up is that much better! Good luck on Day 3.

  9. That is awesome, I totally need to do something like that. My own workouts at home are just not cutting it! Following you back!

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  10. Wow -- Boot Camp is so hard -- congrats on Day Two!!!

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  12. Congrats on making it through day two. Thanks for the follow. Following you back:)


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    hope you have a lovely week!


  14. Wow, I'm so impressed! My co-worker brought tales of how awful bootcamp was and quickly gave it up! Thanks for visiting...I'm following you now!

  15. Wait. You go every day?? For precisely how many days in a row??? You are brave. Very brave. Thanks so much for stopping by my site and commenting earlier. Following back!