Mayfair 48E2 000 Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat with Lift-Off Hinges

The Mayfair 48E2 000 Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat which comes with Lift-Off Hinges (round and white) is one of its kind slow-closing toilet seat in molded wood. It is Amazon’s  #17 bestseller in Toilet Seats. This is not just your ordinary toilet seat because its major feature is its slow-closing toilet seat in molded wood. It can be easily removed for cleaning, more durable and can be easily installed for your everyday convenience in the bathroom.


This toilet seat didn’t disappoint customers and resulted to a five star rating from 256 customers with one star being the lowest.There were varied reviews from buyers and 57 customers gave it four stars, 18 customers gave it three stars, 6 customers gave it two stars and 19 customers gave it a one star.

These are some of the helpful and positive feedbacks from customers who gave it 4 stars:

1. Top 100 reviewer at Amazon, Ed shares “If you’re looking for a Slow-Close seat, you can’t go wrong with the Mayfair.”

2. Tim comments “We’ve had the seat installed for a few days now and are extremely happy with the design and the way that it works. Now, if we could just get the lid to go down on its own!”

3. Robert says, “The color white was a bit off of our white. Squeaky at first put downs then after a couple it was a great seat for the money. I love the soft close. You can slam it down and it will still be soft. I would give it 5 stars if it didn’t show any hardware (bolts) when the seat was raised.”

Why Mayfair 48E2 00 Slow-Close Toilet Seat gets to you like a whisper?

Late night sneaks to the bathroom may be a trouble when someone clatters the toilet seat and then wakes everyone up at once. This slow-close toilet seat from Mayfair will still leave you undisturbed in your sleep even after a family member uses the toilet during the wee hours because of its wonderful features which will give the whole family a luxurious hands-free comfort when using the toilet seat.

Customers have been persuaded by its reliability and durability based from its features and benefits of buying the Mayfair Slow-Close Toilet Seat:

  • It has a whisper-close hinge which slowly and quietly closes with a tap eliminating slamming and pinched fingers
  • Easy-Clean and Change hinge for easy cleaning and replacement of toilet seat
  • Durable molded wood with a sleek finish which prevents scratching and chipping
  • Gives a perfect fit of any manufacturer’s bowl
  • Made with environment-friendly materials

Whisper Quiet, Safe and Comfortable

This slow-close toilet seat is designed to prevent slamming which could damage the toilet bowl and even guaranteed safe to avoid small children’s fingers caught when closing the toilet seat. Speaking of hands and fingers, if you are a conscientious toilet user, you would not dare lift a finger on that bacteria-infested toilet seat and bowl so this slow-close toilet seat is definitely a new buddy for you. Although it can be slow sometimes, you can push it down to adjust its pace which will eventually turn to a normal pace in the future according to some users.

Apart from all its amazing features, it comes with an easy installation process which you can do on your own without calling a plumber or a handyman before you can enjoy your toilet seat. Furthermore, with its slow-closing toilet seat, it doesn’t compromise comfort because it has a soft texture which is one of the most important feature buyers took great consideration.

Cold nights wouldn’t mean cold toilet seats because Mayfair’s toilet seat has a solid wood feel to it which is practically made from environment-friendly materials and would give you that much-needed comfort and warmth during cold mornings and nights. The Mayfair toilet seat is also sold at a very reasonable price, guaranteed with a good packaging and fast shipping to bring this wonder slow-close toilet seat immediately outside of your doorstep. Say goodbye to traditional plastic toilet seats because the this toilet seat will be your best seat in the house.

Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe

The Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe is an extremely small sized, lightweight and portable gun safe. It offers the user extremely quick access to their pistol, while also providing sound and technologically advanced safety features.

Its security system is based on a high strength lock mechanism, which makes tampering and theft very difficult. Its computer carries over 12 million possible access codes, from which users can make their selection. It also provides audio feedback for correct keypad entries, but this feature can be disabled wherever complete silence is a priority. Access to the safe is blocked, if invalid keypad entries are made repeatedly, and it also comes with a tamper indicator.

The body of the Microvault is made of heavy-gauge steel, and its precise fittings make it very difficult to pry open. The soft foam on the inside keeps the gun secure and its No-Eyes keypad makes operation in the dark easy. Besides, its keypad is conveniently located and is highly user friendly. For further user convenience, the Gunvault MV500 can be mounted anywhere. There are four pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the vault. The weight of the product is 5 pounds, and it is battery operated for easy portability and enhanced convenience. Its dimensions are 11” x 8 1/2” x 2 ¼”.

Technical Details

  • Comes with a high strength lock mechanism
  • 12 million user selectable access codes, audio feedback for correct entries, stealth operation, tamper indicator
  • Blocks access if invalid code entered repeatedly
  • Heavy gauge steel body; foam on the inside
  • No-Eyes keypad allows operation in the dark
  • Battery operated; 5 pounds weight

Gunvault MV500-STD Review

According to most users, the Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe is essentially a light-use product, effective only for basic storage requirements in low pressure situations. It will keep the kids out and be a deterrent to uninvited curiosity. However, this product is hardly regarded as secure enough to withstand serious theft attempts, or efficient enough to function seamlessly in high pressure and emergency situations.

One problem that brings the product down a notch is the functioning of its keys. The keys have come across as mushy to some people, and if you press them hastily and carelessly, you may not always achieve a correct code entry. Naturally, with a little bit of practice and care, you will not face this trouble.

The one good thing if you buy Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe is that it is very easy to install the batteries and set up the code. It also opens and shuts smoothly. All in all, the product offers good value for money to the average user, but neither its security features nor its operational convenience can really withstand extreme requirements.

Danby DDR3008EE 30 Pint Capacity Dehumidifier

Basements are one of the most typical location for dehumidifiers for basement. Due to their own low height and lack of air circulation, the air can moisten and stay moist for a long time period. This causes mildew and mold to develop up, which isn’t only an upsetting scent, although also an unhealthy issue – especially for many people who’ve specific allergic reactions.

Consider acquiring a dehumidifier. 1 of these units can wring all the dampness from the air in nearly any size basement (although many larger basements may well require two dehumidifiers for basements.

Picking Your dehumidifiers for basements.

Some dehumidifiers for basements function a hygrometer, which measures room moisture. The hygrometer then sends a signal to the humidistat (also recognized as a hygrostat), which switches the compressor and fan off and on to control room dampness.

Dehumidifiers with out a hygrometer and humidistat instead have manual humidity controls, which allow you to arbitrate how lengthy the machine ought to stay on and off.

If you would like a much more precise moisture level with much less effort, buy a dehumidifier that features a hygrometer and humidistat. If you are going for simplicity, select a dehumidifier that has manual controls.

Danby DDR3008EE 30 Pint Dehumidifier Features

– 30-pint capacity dehumidifier — Ideal for small spaces
– Low-temperature operation — To 44 degrees F
– Adjustable humidity settings — Offers touch-button control of humidity level
– Removable air filter — Easy to remove and clean to maintain optimal performance
– Auto defrost, bucket full indicator and auto-off, two fan speeds, electronic controls.

New unit for 2011! This small-space dehumidifier has a 30-pint capacity, adjustable humidity settings, two fan speeds, and low-temperature operation.

Danby DDR3008EE 30 Pint Dehumidifier Details

– Shipping Weight: 41.8 pounds

Dehumidifiers for Basements Review Summary

Operating dehumidifiers for basements

Location your dehumidifier inside the center of your basement, or where there’s one of the most dampness. That way, you are removing dampness at its origin. Aim the hot air release away from something that is certainly vulnerable to unnecessary heat, just like plants and paintings.

Set the controls the way you would likely like them. Precisely what dampness percentage do you would like? Most persons prefer about 45-percent. If the controls on your dehumidifiers for basements do not allow this, pick the middle setting to begin out with. Adjust higher or lower as you become familiar with the settings.

When the reservoir bucket gets full, it will automatically shut off to prevent overflow. A light may perhaps come on. To empty the reservoir bucket, pull the bucket out of the unit, dump it out somewhere, and put it back in. When continually operating the machine, you may need to empty it each 1 to 3 days.