My Little Gymnast!

My daughter Emma is 4 years old and has been asking for months now if she could do gymnastics. My husband and I finally signed her up at Arizona Dynamics. We fell in love with it the day Emma did her trial class. Emma is part of the Mighty Stars class which is from ages 3 1/2 to 5 years. Due to the relatively small class sizes the kids get more time to practice the new skills they are learning. The staff is very helpful, welcoming, and just all around great with all the kids. When I signed her up they were up front and very informative with all their rules and regulations. 

On Emma's first day of gymnastics, I've never seen her so outgoing so quickly, I was very very EXCITED!!! She is usually extremely shy when you first meet her and after she gets to know you, her personality just explodes. She jumped right in and did everything she was asked without hesitation. I am such a proud parent right now. Emma can almost get herself up and over the bar all by herself and she's having so much fun doing it. Everyday she's been asking if today is the day that she has gymnastics. I think we may have a future gymnast on our hands!!!